Globex Telecom provides nationwide voice, data and VoIP services via its proprietary network and through multiple Tier 1 networks. Serving residential, business, and wholesale customers, Globex Telecom prides itself on providing the highest quality service at the most competitive rates, while always maintaining first-class customer service.

Business Hosted VOIP PBX

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about. Your phone service shouldn’t be one of them. Traditional phones systems can be complex and expensive.

Call Center Services

Demanding call center environments require reliability, consistency, and scalability. Globex Telecom provides on-demand dialer termination, voice broadcasting termination, and SIP service to call centers,

Wholesale SIP Termination

We have a special pricing model that allows us to provide the highest quality short duration termination. Everyone knows dialer traffic has the ability to overload network infrastructure.